Welcome to Bucano Kudo!

So while our site is under construction…here’s a little bit about us, and how you can still order custom sneakers straight away!  Yeah, we are that good!

We are a young start-up with roots from all over the world, created to provide quality and innovation in the world of sneakers. We are a fashion company, that wants to create value in our product in an original and different way. We want to offer a completely new concept allowing you to stand out, be unique and celebrate your individualism everywhere. Our focus? Make people feel good with their own customized shoes. A fresh way to represent yourself!
We are an innovative and dynamic team with a long experience in the footwear industry, and we’re offering you new and original product. Designed by you and created in collaboration with our exclusive manufacturer that allows a solution for customized shoes, without minimums, without the long wait and offering you a moment to stand out! We ensure guaranteed high quality, using the best materials and working with craftsmen recognized worldwide.
Although we are under construction, it doesn’t mean you can’t already customize and order your exclusive customized sneakers.  From start to finish, it’s a 100% personalized experience.  Reach out to us by email at, or by sending a message through our Facebook page:
pssssst…stay tuned as well for our exclusive limited editions from two designers we just snagged that will be creating designs only for our brand:  Ms. M. and McJack!!